5 Best smart coffee maker for your smart home

Smart coffee makers work like any other drip coffee maker with a filter basket.  In essence, anything that’s connected to the Internet is a smart coffee maker. Smart coffee makers have been around for a few years, and while they still haven’t eclipsed non-connected coffee makers in popularity, they offer much more control and convenience […]

August smart home lock : Review

Hello Readers, few smart lock systems are even remotely aesthetically pleasing, but August Home, which was founded only five years ago, figured out from the beginning that consumers aren’t really looking for ugly, industrial hardware to install in their entry halls. The August Smart Lock has clearly been designed from the start with modern, tasteful […]

TP-Link HS200 Smart wifi switch : Review

Smart wall switches are not your average lighting controls; they are connected to your home Wi-Fi network and make it possible for you to control your lighting either by flicking the switch on the wall as you stroll by or by using your smartphone from thousands of miles away. But which switch best fits the […]

9 Best Smart Home Security Systems and Devices

How many times have you thought to convert your normal home to smart home by which you can monitor your home from just about anywhere? Actually,  Today It’s really been easier to set up a smart home in which you can remotely control your door locks, lights, thermostats, vacuums, lawnmowers, and even pet feeders, using […]