The level of convenience that smart technology has brought to cooking and food preparation is almost astounding. While there is no replacement for a well-trained chef, smart technology can take the difficulty out of finding recipes, preparing ingredients and cooking food to perfection. It makes cooking easier and more accessible, no matter your level of skill!

The Cue System is everything you need to get started. The education component of the Hestan Cue is the star of the product. Videos are included with each step of a recipe, so you can see exactly what you’re supposed to do. And there are many delicious dishes from which to choose, whether it’s sauces or salmon or pancakes.

Cue Pan – 11″

  • 11” durable, long-lasting tri-ply stainless steel
    With proper use, Cue recipes don’t stick
  • Precise temperature sensor
    Measures temperature on the surface of the pan, not just the heat source
  • Embedded Bluetooth® capsule syncs with Cue App and Induction Burner
    AAA battery included

Cue Induction Burner

  • 1600-watt Portable Induction
    Energy efficient precision
  • Compact, stylish design
    A smaller footprint than other induction burners
  • Part of the Cue system
    Sync with Cue cookware, from our 11” fry pan to the Chef’s Pot to cook what you want

Hestan Cue App

  • Hundreds of recipes from everyday to special occasion
    Created and tested for Cue by our team of chefs and culinary scientists in our Napa Valley test kitchen
  • Cue sets and maintains the best temperature and time as you cook
    Take the guesswork out of cooking
  • Learn new techniques and take comfort outside your comfort zone
    Because Cue knows the ideal temperatures for each cooking step, you get consistent results

How does Cue work?

Hestan Cue creates a seamless cooking experience. Our smart cookware, induction burner and recipe control center app all communicate with each other to work in unison with you.

Hestan Cue connects you to your cooking through Bluetooth® technology and embedded culinary sensors in both the pan and burner — adjusting the cooking temperature as you proceed through each recipe.

Central to the Hestan Smart Cooking system is the iOS and Android app which acts as the command center for the connected cooking process. Get inspired to cook better by downloading the Hestan Cue app today.


Powerful embedded cooking sensors in both the pan and burner respond immediately to the dynamic in-app thermometer.


Automatically controls and organizes cooking and prep times to ensure flawless meals.

Control Mode

For the times you want to cook without a recipe or on your own, use Control Mode and our integrated Temperature Cooking Chart to set the perfect temperature for the best results. Cook all your favorite foods and never burn another dish again.

Hestan Cue

Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System

  • A connected cooking experience – Hestan Cue is a video-guided cooking system that automatically controls temperature and time, every step of every recipe.
  • Our smart cookware, induction burner and recipe app all communicate with each other using Bluetooth technology and embedded sensors – automatically adjusting the cooking temperature and time as you proceed through each recipe.
  • Hestan Cue is your coach in the kitchen, walking you through each recipe step with video guidance. Try new dishes. Learn new skills. Elevate your cooking without fear of overcooking or underwhelming.
  • Cue doesn’t cook for you – It helps you cook better food, more often.
  • Set includes 11″ Smart Fry Pan, Smart Induction Burner, and full access to the Hestan Cue Recipe App
  • Learn how to cook better no matter what your skill level – in the comfort of your home, without any stress, and deliver remarkable results every time
  • Hestan Cue automatically adjusts the cooking temperature as you’re guided through recipes with step-by-step videos, from prep to plating – by professional chefs
  • Smart fry pan, smart induction burner, and recipe app continuously communicate with each other using Bluetooth technology and embedded temperature sensors
  • Guided cooking system with recipe app uses step-by-step videos with detailed instructions from professional chefs that lead you through each recipe.

Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System

Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System
Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System for Smart Home : Review
The Hestan Cue is a good way to elevate your cooking skills. Unfortunately, it costs too much for the average foodie. Hestan is smart to bank on the idea that if you learn to cook using induction heat, it’ll set your appetite for a more precise way to cook on high.
Hestan Cue uses Bluetooth to connect a pan, a countertop induction burner.
An app to walk you through recipes and regulate your cooking temperature.
Each step comes with videos that show you what to do.
The app's recipes are delicious and make it easy to improve your cooking skills.
For $499, you only get a pan and a burner.
There also isn't any room in the app to customize recipes or add your own.
It had problems delivering even cooking results with thick, uneven cuts of meat.
Final Score

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