Nest smoke detector to safe your smart home

Nest Smoke detector

A smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector are two of the main home devices. As important as they are for your home, they all have the same purpose—to release a loud alarm when triggered. The Nest smoke detector Protect does things differently. A smart, sleek, all-in-one smoke and carbon monoxide detector, it’s one of the most […]

5 best Smart smoke detector for your smart home

Smart smoke detector

Among all the smart-home devices available today, a smart smoke alarm is probably the most important—even smart-home skeptics should consider getting one. Smart smoke detectors operate much like traditional smoke detectors, sounding an alarm when smoke or fire is detected and providing as much warning as possible to get out safely in the event of […]

Mr. coffee smart wifi enabled coffee maker: Review

Mr. coffee

Mr. coffee smart wifi-enabled coffee maker is obsessed with making you a perfect cup of coffee at home with minimal effort on your part. Morning, perfection is not a concept any of us need to be familiar with. You can control this machine using your smartphone, and schedule it to start brewing in your office before […]

5 Best smart coffee maker for your smart home

smart coffee maker

Smart coffee makers work like any other drip coffee maker with a filter basket.  In essence, anything that’s connected to the Internet is a smart coffee maker. Smart coffee makers have been around for a few years, and while they still haven’t eclipsed non-connected coffee makers in popularity, they offer much more control and convenience […]

August smart home lock : Review

August Smart home Lock

Hello Readers, few smart lock systems are even remotely aesthetically pleasing, but August Home, which was founded only five years ago, figured out from the beginning that consumers aren’t really looking for ugly, industrial hardware to install in their entry halls. The August Smart Lock has clearly been designed from the start with modern, tasteful […]

5 Best Smart home locks to secure your home

smart locks

Smart door locks offer sophisticated “access control” feature to any home or business. Proximity sensors like Bluetooth and NFC can enable a door to unlock whenever an authorized user’s smartphone approaches. Users can also remotely lock and unlock the door, or share access with any number of others, using mobile apps. Smart locks have come […]

The Best Smart home Speakers of 2018

Smart home Speakers

If you’re considering a voice assistance platform, this guide will explain the various options and help you choose the one that best meets your needs, along with the right devices for your home. Voice assistants have emerged from two distinct places, but now they’ve largely converged. Alexa on the Amazon Echo introduced the idea of […]