Belkin NetCam HD Wireless IP Camera for Tablet and Smartphone with Night Vision and Digital Audio (F7D7602) Price: $126.48 $49.95 (as of 12/08/2019 17:41 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

720p HD: High definition video gives you a sharp, clear more vivid picture.
Easy setup: Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to connect directly to your Wi-Fi network.
Wide Angle Video: See more of a room so you know what’s going on.

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Offering an easy way to keep tabs on kids, grandparents, and pets, the Belkin NetCam HD transmits brilliant HD video and clear digital audio from your home to your Apple or Android mobile device, wherever you are. The camera sets up in minutes and connects to your existing home Wi-Fi network without the need for a computer. Simply download the NetCam app to your smartphone or tablet to get started. Get a clear view of a child’s room after dark with night vision, or take advantage of the camera’s wide-view lens to check in on a large living room. You can even record what you see and hear directly to your mobile device to enjoy again later.

Belkin NetCam HD Product Shot

Captures superb HD video so you can keep tabs on pets or kids–right from your mobile device. View larger.

Belkin NetCam HD Product Shot

NetCam connects directly to your Wi-Fi router and streams to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. View larger.

Watch Your Home in HD on Smartphones and Tablets

With its ability to capture HD video (720p) and crisp high-definition audio, the Belkin NetCam HD offers an ideal way to check in on children, elderly family members, or pets when you can’t be at home.

The camera uses your existing home Wi-Fi network to transmit video and audio directly to Apple or Android mobile devices. The exceptional detail of the picture and sound ensure that you’ll stay informed of what’s happening back at home, no matter where you are.

Easy Wireless Setup–No Computer Required

All you need to get started is an existing home Wi-Fi connection and a mobile device—you don’t even need a computer. Simply position the camera in your home, download the NetCam app to your smartphone or tablet, and start watching and listening.

Wide-View Lens with Night Vision

With the camera’s night-vision feature, you can monitor a child after bedtime or check in on a pet after dark. The camera also has a wide-view lens that makes it effective for watching active toddlers or pets in a large room.

Record Memorable Moments to Your Mobile Device

With the help of the free NetCam app, you can record video and audio directly to your smartphone or tablet. If your kids are putting on a performance, or if you’ve caught your pet doing something funny, you can record the moment for posterity. The camera’s exceptional picture and sound quality capture all the good times of whatever you’ve recorded.

Receive Email Alerts When Motion is Detected

You can easily configure NetCam to send you an email notification when it detects movement, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind from anywhere. Rather than staring at your mobile device screen and waiting for your pet to reenter the room, you can simply wait for NetCam to notify you via email.

Works with WeMo

WeMo is a family of innovative, easy-to-use products that make life easier, simpler, and better by using your Wi-Fi network and mobile internet to control your home electronics right from your smartphone or tablet. The Belkin Netcam also works with the WeMo family so you can program home automation triggers like turning on your lights when someone walks through the door.

Belkin also offers WeMo Insight Switch, WeMo Switch, WeMo Switch + Motion Kit, and WeMo Light Switch, all of which are Wi-Fi enabled, easy to set up, and compatible with the free WeMo App for Android and iOS devices. Explore the growing WeMo collection of products and see how they can enhance your life.

Subscribe to Cloud+ Premium Services to Enhance Your Video Experience

Expand the capability of your NetCam with a subscription to Cloud+ Premium Services. Store your favorite video clips in the cloud and receive notifications on your smartphone or tablet whenever the camera’s motion sensor is triggered. You’ll get a video link that you can watch immediately to see what’s happening at home. You can try a complimentary 30-day subscription to start exploring all the advanced features right away.

Compatibility Information

The Belkin NetCam HD works with the iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad (iOS 4.2 or higher). It also works with Android devices with version 2.2 or higher. A Wi-Fi router with an Internet connection is required.

What’s in the Box

NetCam HD, quick-install guide, and power supply.


NetCam HD
At a Glance:

  • Watch your home remotely from Apple or Android mobile devices
  • Easy setup from smartphone or tablet–no need for a computer
  • Transmits HD video and impeccably clear digital audio
  • See any room, any time, from anywhere with wide-view lens and night vision
  • Record special moments to your mobile device
  • Receive optional email notifications when movement is detected
  • Subscribe to Cloud+ Premium Services to store video clips in the cloud and receive text notifications
Works with WeMo
Optional Cloud+ Premium Services

Crisp, detailed video & sound

Crisp, detailed video & sound

Wide-angle Video

Wide-angle Video

Easy Mobile Device Setup

Easy Mobile Device Setup

Night Vision

Night Vision

Email Alerts

Email Alerts

Mobile Device Recording

Mobile Device Recording

720p HD: High definition video gives you a sharp, clear more vivid picture.
Easy setup: Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to connect directly to your Wi-Fi network.
Wide Angle Video: See more of a room so you know what’s going on.
Night Vision: Infrared lets you clearly see when there’s little to no light.
Crystal clear sound: Listen to what’s going on in the room.
Movement Detection Notifications: Enjoy piece of mind with email alerts.
Mobile Device Recording: Record live video right to your mobile device.
Compatible with Android and iOS devices.

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